Lunch Program

St. John’s Academy is privileged to have the availability of a hot lunch program.

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Students have the option of bringing cold lunch to school or participate in the hot lunch program. Pop is not allowed in the cafeteria as part of any student’s noon lunch. Fast foods are not permitted in the cafeteria for noon lunch. Parents who wish to take their own children from the building for lunch are asked to send written notification with the student(s). Please follow scheduled lunch hours as closely as possible.

Guidelines for free and reduced lunches and an application form are given to each family with the registration mailing. Prices are established yearly for students and visitors. Adults who wish to eat with students on an occasional basis are asked to notify the office by 9:00 am so that an accurate lunch count may be taken. Milk is available for cold lunch students for a nominal fee.

Price Schedule
Lunch by the month (20 days) $55.00
Breakfast $2.00 ($40.00 for 20 days)
Lunch by the day $2.75
Adult Guests and preschoolers $3.50 (Lunch)   $2.50 (Breakfast)
Milk (by the day) $0.50
Meal Time Schedule
Childcare 11:15 am-11:35 pm
Kindergarten 11:45 am-12:10 pm
First Grade 11:43 am-12:05 pm
Second Grade 11:40 am-12:00 pm
Third Grade 12:10 pm -12:30 pm
Fourth Grade 12:15 pm-12:35 pm
Fifth Grade 12:18 pm-12:38 pm
Sixth Grade 12:20 pm- 12:40 pm