School Board

Monsignor Jeffrey Wald • Pastor • 701-252-0119


Pastor of St. James Basilica

Monsignor Wald serves on the Grievance Committee.








Jeff Trumbauer • Principal • 701-252-3397 •


Greetings St. John's Academy Families and Friends!

I am very excited to have been recently chosen to serve as the new principal at such a wonderful school. For the past twenty years, I have been employed as a college basketball coach throughout the upper Midwest, including six years at the University of Jamestown. On the surface, the leap from college coach to elementary principal may appear to be a large one, however, for many years I have felt the call and desire to work with the Catholic Church. I’m passionately in love with Christ’s church and am a strong advocate for the quality education offered through Catholic schools. My wife, Jodi, and I have four children (Katelyn, Leah, Joe and Andrew), who have been enrolled in Catholic schools whenever possible. We have seen firsthand the incredible impact and experience offered through strong Catholic schools.

This is an exciting time at St. John’s Academy. I am looking forward to assisting in the process of establishing a strong future for our school that will span generations to come. My family and I are looking forward to meeting and working with you all.

Jeff currently serves on the Grievance Committee.

Liza Wolff •  President - Parish Member • 701-252-3397
Liza is currently serving as the President and is part of the Childcare, Finance, Policy, and Recruitment & Marketing Committees. Liza's term ends May 2019.
Nick Bollinger • Vice President - Parish Member • 701-252-3397
Nick is currently serving as the Vice President and serves on the Building & Grounds Committee and the Long-Range Development Committee. Nick's term ends May 2019.
Brian Ament • Secretary - Parish Member • 701-252-3397
Brian is currently serving as the Secretary and is part of the Childcare, Finance, and Long-Range Development Committees. Brian's term ends May 2019.
Jennifer Gasal • Non-Parish Member • 701-252-3397
Jennifer is on the Policy Committee. Jennifer's term ends May 2020.
Jennifer Lipetzky • Non-Parish Member • 701-252-3397
Jennifer is on the Childcare and Recruitment & Marketing Committees. Jennifer's term ends May 2020.
Tom Herzig • Parish Member • 701-252-3397
Tom currently serves on the Long-Range Development and Building & Grounds Committees. Tom's term ends May 2020.
Geni Holben • Parish Council Representative - Parish Member • 701-252-3397
Geni serves on the Policy Committee. Geni's term is based on an annual decision.
Dr. Stacy Roers-Irmen • Parish Member • 701-252-3397
Dr. Roers serves on the Childcare and Recruitment Committees. Her term ends May 2021.
Jim Vollrath • Parish Member • 701-252-3397
Jim serves on the Childcare, Finance, and Building & Grounds Committees. Jim's term ends May 2020.
Briana Schafer • Teacher Representative • 701-252-3397
Briana serves on the Recruitment & Marketing Committee. Briana's term is based on an annual decision.
Jay Schmitz • FACE President • 701-252-3397