Staff Member: Peggy Etzold

Peggy Etzold

Development Coordinator – St. James Basilica/St. John’s Academy
Phone: 701-252-0119/701-252-2434
Email: Click Here to Email

Peggy has been the development coordinator for St. James Basilica and St. John’s Academy for 7 years. Her role is to develop relationships with the St. John’s Academy alumni and parishioners in hopes of securing future gifts …and build on the annual fund for St. John’s Academy. Peggy believes that the role of the development is to help bring Christ to people and people to Christ - to ask people to share whatever they can in the work of the Church in the academic community- to bring about the Kingdom of God. People have a need to give, to be fulfilled through the giving of themselves, their time, their talents and their resources. She feels blessed to have met many supporters who strongly believe in our ministries at St. James Basilica and St. John’s Academy.

Photo of Peggy Etzold