Called and Gifted Studies

Have you ever wondered……

What is my purpose? What does God want From me? What are my gifts?

Have you ever taken any serious reflective time to ponder God’s call on your life?

God is calling you to a unique purpose in life, a work that only you can do. You have received gifts, through Baptism and Confirmation, for the ways God intends his love to reach others through you. You are invited to come and discover these gifts (Charisms) by participating in the “Called and Gifted” process.


Retreats/Spiritual Direction

Opportunities for spiritual growth are offered in a number of ways in the parish.  From time to time there will opportunities for days of reflection or mini- retreats, presentations on topics of prayer and spirituality.  Spiritual Direction is available through the office of Faith Formation.


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

You may be married to a Catholic, someone who has always wondered why Catholics do certain things or someone who is considering becoming a Catholic or someone who was once a Catholic.

You assume no obligation or commitment in attending these introductory sessions. You may, however, find some satisfaction or some answers or perhaps a more informed way to continue your search!

Feel free to call the parish office (252-0119) or email Deacon Tom (  or call Deacon Tom at 701-430-1161 to register (not required, but helpful for our hospitality plans).


Catechetical Ministry

This ministry involves teaching children in the Faith Formation programs and serving as small group leaders in Youth Ministry. Sessions meet on Wednesday evenings during the school year.  Preschool is offered on Sunday mornings twice a month.


Greeters convey the sense of welcome at the Liturgy.  Greeters meet the worshipers at the door and at times will distribute handouts for a specific purpose.  Volunteers are needed in this area.

Living Your Strengths

We are excited to offer Living Your Strengths to our parishioners as a tool for parishioners to find their God given talents through which God works.


Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic Men’s organization that operates the Knights of Columbus Hall and have many charity involvements.


Volley Ball League

Sunday afternoons and nights January - April we get together to bump, spike, and have a great time in fellowship.


Annulments – Dispensations – Convalidations

For information on the annulment process, Please contact Monsignor Wald.


Marriage Preparation

For setting the date and time for a wedding and for the Introduction to the Sacrament of Marriage preparation process, please call one of the parish priests.


LaLeche League

La Leche League is an international organization committed to offering breastfeeding information and support to mothers.  Monthly meetings discuss advantages of breastfeeding, childbirth and the new baby at home, the art of breastfeeding and avoiding difficulties, nutrition and weaning.  Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at the James River Family YMCA. All mothers-to-be, mothers, and babies are welcome!  


Natural Family Planning

Creighton Model Fertility Care Introductory Sessions are offered at St. John’s Academy in Jamestown. This session will provide an overview of a wonderful, effective and chemical free method for building and strengthening marriages and families. It also features NaProTechnology, a scientifically-based and morally sound medical approach to women’s reproductive health and fertility enhancement. Engaged couples are encouraged to begin this training at least 3-6 months prior to their wedding.   Cost for Introductory Session Fee: $45 (includes 1st year materials) Follow-up sessions: $25/session. 5 sessions required to complete diocesan requirements. Call or email to register for class

Leann Ripplinger is certified by the Diocesan Development Program for NFP - United States Catholic Conference of Bishops.

Other Natural Planning Methods Available

Richard and Nicole Reis: Phone (701) 349-2314  
Billings Ovulation Method of America. Cost is $120 for 3 sessions and follow-up as needed. Materials included. Classes are taught on an individual basis. Call or e-mail for more information or to make an appointment. 
Richard and Nicole Reis are certified by the Diocesan Development Program for NFP - United States Catholic Conference of Bishops.

Eric and Suzie Lahlum: Phone (701) 669-2258
The Couple-to-Couple League Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Family Planning.
Cost is $135 for 3 sessions and includes materials. Classes are held at St. Catherine's Catholic Church, 540 3rd Ave NE, Valley City, ND from 2 to 4 pm on Sundays or from 7 to 9 pm on Mondays.  Call for more information.  Register at least one week before class to receive course materials.

For more information check out the following websites:


Sponsoring Couples

Sponsoring Couples help prepare couples for marriage by discussing the FOCCUS Inventory results with the couples in 3-4 sessions.

Sponsoring couples in our parishes now are:  Pat and Marla Walter, Leroy and Brandi Gross, Tom and Mary Geffre, Jason and Lynn Fossen.


Funeral Luncheons

The time of greatest need of support for most people is the death of a family member.  In response to this need St. James parishioners provide bars, cookies, and desserts to be served at funeral luncheons, as well as volunteers to serve the food at the luncheon. 


Rosary at Eventide

Volunteers from St. James Basilica lead the rosary once a week at this nursing home.


Rosary at Ave Maria

Volunteers from St. James Basilica lead the rosary once a week at this nursing home.


Prayer Shawl

This Ministry provides a way to literally wrap people in prayer.  Prayer shawls/wraps are knitted or crocheted about 24 inches in width and about 6 feet in length.  Just the right size to wrap around your shoulders.  They are made by members of the congregation and then given to those members of the church or community that are in need of our prayers.  As prayer shawls/wraps are made, the knitter is to pray for the person who will be receiving it and lift them up in prayer.  The shawl/wrap  will be delivered to a person in need, such as someone struggling with an illness or a person who is grieving.   A message of encouragement and words of comfort from Scripture will be shared with the person when it is delivered.

Just as Jesus daily wraps us in His love and peace, we as His servants can provide a shawl to someone who needs to be held and wrapped in prayer.  The shawl provides this person with a visible symbol of Christ’s presence and care, along with our prayers


New Parishioners

This ministry is about welcoming new members to our parish. At the present time, new parishioners are welcomed with a visit and information about our parish. Sometimes this is accompanied with home made goodies.


Altar Linen Care

The solemnity of a banquet is greatly affected by the cleanliness and neatness of the linens.  Thus, to insure the utmost care of linens used in the Mass, dedicated persons are needed.


Votive Candles

Volunteers check on the votive candles.  They replace used candles, keep the glasses clean and deposit the donations. 


Floral Design and Seasonal Environment

Flowers are an element that either add festivity or are an expression of such.  Many of our liturgical celebrations are of a festive nature.  For this reason, the parish needs services of persons who are gifted in the area of floral arrangements and design. These services are utilized throughout the year with special emphasis on church holidays.


Cantors – Accompanists – Instrumentalists – Sound Board

For a reverent flow of movement in the Liturgy, it is appropriate that the congregation is led in singing by cantors.  It is also their role to sing the responsorial psalm and the alleluia verse.  Persons with the gift of voice and the ability to make music a prayer are invited to share these gifts with the parish community.

Organ and piano music has always been a form of church music accompaniment.  Persons with experience in organ and piano are invited to share this gift with the parish community.

The parish also welcomes instrumentalists of all kinds (trumpet, sax, drums, flute, harp, etc....) to share their gifts with the parish community.


Children’s Choir

The Joyful Noise Children’s choir is open to all 3rd through 6th graders. We meet every Thursday (except when there is no school) at the Zebedee Center at 3:15pm. We sing for Sunday Mass once a month to help lead the congregation in singing.

Youth Choir

The Kingdom Spirit Youth Choir is open to students grades 7-12. Rehearsals are Monday 7-8:30PM, students may join anytime, and the director is flexible with students' busy schedules. The Choir leads the music for one Mass per month, occasionally singing for other special Masses. Prayer, liturgy, music, socializing, and food are all part of this music ministry.


Basilica Choir

This is the adult choir of St.James Basilica Parish. The choir has 32+ people consisting of singers, accompanists, instrumentalists and sound board technicians. Our members share their talents when their time permits.  Easter and Christmas seasons are when we have the largest number of participants.  At the present time, the choir practices on Wednesday evenings from 6:15-7:45pm. If you are interested in joining us, contact Kristen in the parish office or by email at


Altar Server

Altar servers assist the priest at liturgies.  The altar server has a sense of reverence, is responsible for scheduled attendance and has participated in a training program.  The altar servers attend 2 gatherings a year, one for training and one for fun activities. This ministry is open to people in grade four and up.  Volunteers are needed in this ministry.


Gift Bearer

To represent the congregation during the Preparation of Gifts, a couple, a family, or two persons bring the gifts to the altar.  Anyone wishing to serve in this capacity is encouraged to contact the person listed as contact.


Communion Minister

To build community, we are called to serve each other.  This is a ministry that symbolizes the oneness of the Body of Christ.  We give Christ to each other.  These ministers help with communion under the form of bread and wine. Persons who volunteer for this ministry will be given training and receive a schedule.


Communion Minister (Homebound)

These ministers take the Eucharist to people who are unable to attend Sunday Mass.


Sacristan – Nursing Homes

Setting up for a banquet is a very important part of the banquet.  So it is with the Sacred Meal, the Eucharist. There are a number of details that need attending to, such as, readying the space  and putting things away after Mass.


Sacristan (St. James)

Setting up for a banquet is a very important part of the banquet.  So it is with the Sacred Meal, the Eucharist. There are a number of details that need attending to, such as, readying the sacristy, the sanctuary and putting things away after Mass.



One of the ways in which Christ is made present to the worshiping community is through the proclaimed Word of God.  This is the role of the Proclaimer.

Those persons who have the gift of good voice projection and a sense of caring for people are invited to share their gifts in this ministry. Persons who volunteer will be prepared for their roles and will receive a schedule of when they proclaim.



The ushers are responsible for maintaining the comfort and order of the congregation. Ushers are prepared for their role by the head usher at the Mass they are ushering.