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Where Are We Going?

Today, Chris Hazell challenges us to consider the true definition of happiness and whether we are willing to make the changes in our lives to seek out that which will ultimately fulfill us.

Paul Tillich and “The Shape of Water”

The title of this year’s Best Picture winner, “The Shape of Water,” gives away the game, for the one thing that water does not have is shape. Its very essence is fluidity, formlessness, and freedom from structure. But a film that celebrates this freedom—produced by someone who, by his own admission, hates structure—is sadly emblematic, I fear, of a society that is in danger of losing its ontological balance.

Five Ways St. Joseph Can Help Your Lent

On the feast of St. Joseph, Br. Joseph Martin Hagan, O.P. offers five ways the earthly father of Christ can help us this Lent.

St. Patrick and Why Mission Matters

St. Patrick continues to affect the world centuries after his death. Fr. Billy Swan, an Irishman and spiritual descendent of Patrick, reflects on the mission that transformed an entire nation.

Nuns and Nones: How Do We Mission to the Future?

Long before governments established policies and programs to address poverty, illness, illiteracy, and family strife, Catholic religious sisters were doing the difficult work of upholding human dignity. Today, Elizabeth Scalia reflects on the history—and future—of spirit-led sisters bringing Christ to those in need.

How Lent Reminds Us We Can Never Repay God

Lent is not about evening things out with God. As Br. Joachim Kenney, O.P., explains, since our prayers and sacrifices add nothing to God’s greatness or happiness, they are not primarily for his benefit, but rather for our own.

Life Everlasting: An Interview with Gary Jansen

Gary Jansen is the Director of Image Catholic Books and the author of a new book, “Life Everlasting: Catholic Devotions and Mysteries for the Everyday Seeker.” Today, Jared Zimmerer sits down with Gary to discuss his new book and the ins and outs of devotion, conversion, and the struggles of living a sincere interior life.

A Case for Priestly Celibacy

Everything in this world—including sex, family, and worldly relationships—is good, but impermanently so. But while the non-ultimacy of worldly realities can and should be proclaimed through words, it will be believed only when people can see it. This is why, the Church is convinced, God chooses certain people to be celibate: in order to witness to a transcendent form of love.

The Lost Art of Intentionality

Today, Tod Worner reflects upon the modern world's constant need for efficiency, and invites us to consider the much more human art of intentionality.

The Cross and Crown of St. Frances of Rome

Today, Elizabeth Scalia discusses the life of today's saint, Frances of Rome, and how her selfless cooperation with grace presented her with an opportunity of growth, even though those opportunities were not what she expected or wanted.