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Participating in Pentecost

Every Mass is meant to be another Pentecost.

Groaning Earth Awaits Our Surrender

The earth is perfect; if we are to live in harmony with it, we too must be perfect, as Christ Jesus urged us.

“Come Sunday” and the Question of Universal Salvation

The new biopic tells the story of Pentecostal minister and megachurch founder Carlton Pearson, who came to believe that “everyone will be saved.”

Teaching Christian Culture: An Interview with John Goerke of Bishop Sullivan High School

The teacher's students recently sent an impressive video letter to Bishop Barron as part of their “senior evangelization project.”

Translating Shakespeare: or, How to Evangelize and Not Be Eaten by a Bear

Meeting people where they are today requires the fearsome, but essential, work of “translating” Christian ideas.

The Good in Goodbye

The Ascension is not your usual goodbye, and the Apostles are anything but devastated by it.

Was the Met Gala an Offense or an Opportunity?

The Holy Spirit can use anything, even confoundingly bad artwork, to work God’s purposes.

Poetry for the Prosaic

What is it about poetry that makes it so beloved, even among the saints?

Are We Suffering for the Wrong Reasons?

Jesus calls us to hoist up the cross that leads to life, not the one that leads to death.

Pain and the Priesthood in “Thy Kingdom Come”

The spin-off of “To the Wonder” will focus on the pain many people carry in their hearts—and the ministers willing to hear about it.