Spiritual Growth

Called and Gifted Studies

Have you ever wondered……

What is my purpose? What does God want From me? What are my gifts?

Have you ever taken any serious reflective time to ponder God’s call on your life?

God is calling you to a unique purpose in life, a work that only you can do. You have received gifts, through Baptism and Confirmation, for the ways God intends his love to reach others through you. You are invited to come and discover these gifts (Charisms) by participating in the “Called and Gifted” process.


Retreats/Spiritual Direction

Opportunities for spiritual growth are offered in a number of ways in the parish.  From time to time there will opportunities for days of reflection or mini- retreats, presentations on topics of prayer and spirituality.  Spiritual Direction is available through the office of Faith Formation.


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

The 2nd Semester RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) sessions begin on Wednesday January 6, 2016 and go through March 23, 2016.
Sessions begin at 7pm on Wednesdays and are held in the 1st Floor Conference Room, Zebedee Center. 

You may be married to a Catholic, someone who has always wondered why Catholics do certain things or someone who is considering becoming a Catholic or someone who was once a Catholic.

You assume no obligation or commitment in attending these introductory sessions. You may, however, find some satisfaction or some answers or perhaps a more informed way to continue your search!

Feel free to call the parish office (252-0119) or email Deacon Tom (tgeffre47@gmail.com)  or call Deacon Tom at 701-430-1161 to register (not required, but helpful for our hospitality plans).


Catechetical Ministry

This ministry involves teaching children in the Faith Formation programs and serving as small group leaders in Youth Ministry. Sessions meet on Wednesday evenings during the school year.  Preschool is offered on Sunday mornings twice a month.


Living Your Strengths

We are excited to offer Living Your Strengths to our parishioners as a tool for parishioners to find their God given talents through which God works.