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UPDATE: Please take the time to read this informational flyer which outlines the updated details regarding requirements for attending Mass. These are important precautions that are meant to protect all of the faithful, as well as the church.


Mass & Reconciliation Times

Due to physical distancing, the capacity of the church will be greatly reduced. Because of this, additional Mass times will be offered on the weekends.

Although the faithful who are not at higher risk from COVID-19 are encouraged to return to Mass, the obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still suspended. To accommodate those who are unable to attend, St. Mary's Cathedral will continue Livestreaming Masses.

Television Masses

Daily Mass
EWTN - 5:30pm

CSi Ch. 72
Daktel Ch. 450
Directv Ch. 370
Dish Network Ch. 261
C-Band Ch. G1-11

Sunday Masses
10:30am WDAY Ch. 6, Fargo
11am – KNDX Ch. 26, Bismarck

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Dedication of St. Joseph's Chapel - October 7, 2020
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Weekly Focus on Charity - Pray, Fast, Give

What are you doing for Lent? This is a common question we ask ourselves during the season of Lent. The Church asks the faithful to seek the Lord through prayer, fasting and almsgiving. St. James Basilica, during this season of Lent, will be highlighting organizations for the faithful to consider as part of their Lenten Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.

Friends of Chimbote is a non-profit organization devoted to serving the poorest of the poor in Chimbote, Peru.

Chimbote was once a thriving community, even a destination for honeymooners. This small community of 2400 residents in 1940 grew to 170,000 residents in 1970. This migration was due to people looking for work in the fisheries, iron plant and the steel plant. An earthquake hit the area as all this migration was taking place and devastated Chimbote. Now this once thriving community was reduced to rubble and thousands were left homeless. Chimbote was also impacted by environmental pollution and overfishing, leaving families without income. Soup kitchens are often the only source of food for many families on any given day. In addition, government corruption occurs at all levels adding to the despair. One such example of corruption was the controlling of water in the barrios. The government turns water on in the barrios for a couple of hours a day. If a person were fortunate to find work, they would have to decide between work and providing water for their family. Despite all this continued hardship, the people of Chimbote are resilient and exhibit a deep joy that comes from trusting in our Lord. We invite you to pray for the people of Chimbote. We invite you to fast from one meal this week. We invite you to give generously to Friends of Chimbote.

Learn more about Friends of Chimbote at If you would like to make a donation, mail your check to: Friends of Chimbote, PO Box 717, West Fargo ND 58078.

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