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US Bishops call for an end to federal executions.

Two US Bishops call on US President Donald Trump and the US Attorney General to stop federal use of the death penalty ahead of another execution this week.

The Good Samaritan: Re-affirming the Gospel of Life

The Vatican has published a new letter entitled “Samaritanus bonus” — The Good Samaritan — on caring for those who are approaching the end of their lives. The Letter provides the foundations for an integral and holistic approach to caring for people who are suffering, especially those with critical or terminal illnesses.

Kenya’ Sr. Lando to spearhead new national Catholic television

The Director of Research and Postgraduate Studies at Kenya’s Daystar University, Sr. Prof. Agnes Lucy Lando, has been appointed as Co-ordinator and Lead Consultant in assisting the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) to establish a national Catholic TV station.

Pope: ‘The only way out of the current crisis is all together'

Speaking during the General Audience in the Vatican, Pope Francis looks to a post-pandemic world and reflects on the principle of subsidiarity, whereby every level of society has a role to play in revitalizing the social fabric.

Why C.S. Lewis’ ”The Abolition of Man” Still Matters: Forming Souls to See Reality 

Sometimes the proper education of a child is not successful; time and effort are sometimes not enough to convince a child of your vision of reality.  Given my contrarian ways, some of my educators must have viewed me that way when I was a student. This may be simplistic and arrogant to say, but I regarded my education as having one purpose: to kill my childhood imagination and belief so as to make me serious about the serious world.  As I see it now, my perception of what I thought my educators wanted me to see wasn’t the whole of reality but a thin slice, unfortunately presented as the whole. As I recall, my more passionate teachers, who were somewhat disdainful of old things, saw it as their job to liberate students from fantasy and move them into reality (a good motive). They did…

Italians vote "Yes" to downsize Parliament

Italians voted by a wide margin in a referendum to slash the size of the country's parliament by more than a third. The referendum was held alongside several key regional elections taking the pulse of political sentiment in times of Covid-19.

Nobel laureate: pandemic could undo progress in children’s rights

Kailash Satyarthi, India’s leading crusader against child slavery and child trafficking, fears that progress made against the scourges could roll back because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The US offers reward for capture of Colombian rebel leader

The US Government is posting a five million dollars reward for information leading to the capture of a National Liberation Army Leader, which is still fighting an insurgency against the Colombian Government, after more than fifty years.

Alison Davis: ‘Suffering with Christ is greatest privilege in the world’

Alison Davis lived the ideals proposed in "Samaritanus bonus," the Letter released by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the Catholic perspective for end of life issues and care.

Ladaria: Necessary teaching in light of legislation on euthanasia

In an interview with Vatican News, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith says the letter “Samaritanus bonus” offers an integral approach to the human person, to suffering and illness, to caring for those in critical and terminal illnesses.